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Hello residence of La Perla Rossa!

I hope everyone is enjoying their stay and working hard! ou</

Through much discussion within the Aces and Joker, CityofCards will be Revamping! 8'D Currently the Joker is on vacation so the Aces have been running around getting ready for this upcoming change~ We will begin going under construction asap so don't mind the drilling noises at 4 in the morning//SLAPPED Thank you for your cooperation! ^^


The Ace of Spades would like to make an important announcement!

A message within a red envelope is sent to every spade member. Due to the color of the envelope you realize that the news is urgent and comes directly from the Ace of Spades. You carefully open the envelope to find the letter and immediately read its contents:

Dear fellow Spade members,

I appreciate your continued efforts to keep the casinos, shopping district, and hotsprings up and running...However, I happen to have some unfortunate news to share with you all.

I am leaving my position as Ace of Spades.

I apologize that this is so sudden, but due to certain circumstances, it came down to being the only option. I will take my departure after the Masquerade Ball and will be replaced by a new Ace of Spades. For the remaining time, I will help the new Spade Ace prepare for his/her upcoming position as well wrapping up any business I have left.

Again I'm sorry for any inconvenience I've caused, however, please understand that I'm doing this for the best. I hope that you all will treat the new Ace with as much respect you'd give to any Ace.

Stay well everyone. Thank you for the past two years...and farewell.

Anton Claes.

*NOTE: :icon78sweets: is NOT leaving, Anton Claes is being switched out, for specific reasons that have been discussed with the Joker and Aces.

:iconarigatouplz: Thank you.
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Please go check them out!

Announcement Board


•April 21 12 2:25 PM, ET•
We are posting the factions/job list tomorrow. To get a sneak peak there's a link above for CC data. We have some events for you.

Thanks for the patience! Stay tuned for more announcements!

•March 11th 8:21 PM, ET•

Enrollments have ended. If you were given an extension by the admins, you have until March 14th, which is a Wednesday. If you were invited to join, please finish the application as soon as you can. Thank you!

•March 2nd 3:35 PM, ET•
There will be an extension on enrollments. The deadline is now March 10, 2012 11:59 PM ET
This isn't a set in stone deadline so please keep attentive to announcements and journals. Thank you

•February 17 9:01 AM, ET•
Enrollments have begun. We've had some technical difficulty with the joining process, however Sirri fixed it a few moments ago, so everthing should be okay now. So please, enter your apps! We will be waiting to see them!
Good Luck People!
Enrollments end March 2nd, so get them in on time!

•February 15 2:29 PM, ET•
Enrollments shall begin soon!
Enrollment period:
February 17th to March 2nd
If you feel more time is needed. Please note the admins.
Thank you~

•February 12 7:47 PM, ET•
We're almost done with set up and nearly ready to start enrollment. It is encouraged that you finish your apps early so you can get them checked by Sirri~ Thank you~

•February 07 9:43 AM, ET•

Thank you for visiting City of Cards! Our admins are working diligently on setting up this group! We are very excited and hope to get things up and running soon! The main chat as well as the faction chat is up! Don't be shy! Come and visit!


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sorry, but since my lack of activity and stuff.
I will leave the group, sorry! it's been fun to rp here! ;v;
Ahh, I see. That's okay. qvq Sorry we've been so inactive too;
Thank you for being a part of this group! It was nice having you~ 
Are you guys still revamping? Or has hiatus become permanent?
We are still revamping and discussing what to do with the group. ;v;
NanaTheFox Nov 12, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
WOW! XD Looks like a great group, I almost fell over when I realized it was Card-Based like my group! I wanted to know if you guys would affiliate with my group :iconexorcistsofthecards: since both group art rp/art creation AND card based lol
Haha how neat! XD We'd love to affiliate~
BlackWolfHumanoid Oct 23, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Thanl you for the affiliate with :icondemons-attack-now:
You're welcome~
ScarletBlindness Aug 25, 2012
I would like to join so baddd
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